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I'm sure some of you will take this post out of context and say we are being mean or negative when we are not!

To make this post quick, we wanted to show you something that shocked the hell out of us. This Carter guy I'm sure some of your have seen his pictures floating on the Internets for some time now. The hottie with major backside and a big dick with a pleasing face.

Looks like a big shocker that he has now went trans. It's his choice to do whatever he wants with his body, what ever makes Carter happy. It is still just a big shocker because out of no where while looking through twitter and we see the new him.

The twitter profile says he is 5'3" another shocker, thought the height was like 5'9" or taller. But yeah, question, where and how does one hide all that meat and make it look so flushed and GONE in some of these photos? How does one sit?

This sort of sound childish but we don't know of anyone to ask such things and we do not want to offend anyone either nor do we want any of you to come for us as we made some reference to the whole transformation thing with the "Sailor Moon" reference in photo and the video. If you do think it was "shade" then think as you want. We were only making a light joke as to how this hottie just came into our view after being gone from the internet for so long and with this big transformation. So we just made this post to report shit to who every out there that reads our blogs.

Feel free to follow her (his) new twitter at:


A quick video:




A Bunch of before pictures:


Caelyn Gabriel Carter 9Caelyn Gabriel Carter 2

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Continue viewing below for much more.




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Caelyn Gabriel Carter 3

Caelyn Gabriel Carter Nude 3

Captiin underpantsss

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And some After pictures:


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ThePrettiest 4n 1715818591054889432 01

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