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Just to get our opinion out of the way. No one should be fired because of what they do in their "Night Time" life. We all are human and we all FUCK! The world today, every cell phone has a camera and it is basic human habit for a man (to say the least), to make sexual videos and photos solo or with others. We don't live in the 1800's where sex is something you must hide from everyone.

For example, No matter if it's a police officer (Miguel Pimentel), Fire Fighter (StubdaStud) and now lawyer-judge or a news anchor having their own sexual content for all to see for a few $$, they should not be fired from their "day jobs" because of what they do sexually. As long as it not with minors you should all let these humans be.

Everyone has sex at some point in their lives, your babysitter, the 1st grade teacher at your private school, the Doctor you seek your treatments from, even the president's son who has his dick out everywhere on the internet (Hunter Biden). It would not surprise us if these Catholic priest have content too. That community has already admitted to viewing porn or what ever "studies" they were or ongoing-ly doing.

Should we fire all these people too if you find out that they too have sexual stuff on the Internets?


Any-who, here's the latest "caught" folks that were fired because of their "not professional" life was discovered.


Weatherman Erick Adame of Spectrum News New York City

 NYC Weatherman ErickAdame




 Gregory A. Locke (CTRZALT):


 Gregory Locke


The following was taken from Yahoo Finance:

Order in the court!

Gregory A. Locke, a former New York City administrative law judge, hasn't dedicated his entire life to law — he also has time for a hot and heavy OnlyFans account.

Locke, who is also a lawyer, opened the account in 2020 and charges $12 a month for access to his posts. (You can also check out his content on JustFor.Fans for just $9.99 a month.)

“White collar professional by day... very unprofessional by night. Always amateur, always raw, always slutty,” his profile, @ctrlzalt, reads.

Locke was recently fired after he criticized anti-LGBTQ+ city council member Vickie Paladino on social media. Paladino, who has called drag story hour “grotesque” and said “progressives may have no problem with child grooming and sexualization, but I do,” on Twitter also wants to take away funding from schools that participate in “‘drag queen’ degeneracy.”

Her homophobia has gotten so out of hand that she was removed from the Committee on Mental Health, Disabilities, and Addiction, and could be facing more penalties from the City Council Rules Committee. Locke replied to some of her hateful and bigoted tweets by saying, “choke on a d*ck Vickie. After Paladino posted his comment on her Twitter, he was fired.


GregoryALocke compilation


GREGORY A LOCKE 12loadsofxmas


Gregory A Locke drew Valentino