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It's been a while since Manzzle has written a blog post on this boy.


raciel castro 016

We found some of his new pictures and boy oh boy, there is no way in hell I'll believe that Raciel Castro's body is all naturally built.

raciel castro 022

raciel castro 023

I'd love to know what he has used, I could use some cause Deca Durabolin is nothing cheap to inject.

I don't see anything wrong with using Growth Hormones or steroids if taken not to kill yourself, but if Raciel did take something and knows it, I'd hope like many bodybuilders who do, that he does not go about saying that it was all naturally done. (Long Sentence)


raciel castro 013

raciel castro 014

raciel castro 015

See More Pictures After The Break.



Below is a link to the first blog post we've made of Raciel Castro.

Muscle Boy: Raciel Castro


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