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Duron Laforest


Duron Laforest with wife March 29 2017 pre


By now I'm sure like 80% of you have seen this boy before. We kept are mouths shut and have not even posted some of his sex videos.

But here we are making this blog post to show those the shoot out video that led this young man to go to prison.

Formulate your own opinions.

We don't know what is up with his then wife Crystina and if she is still "married" to him but they do have a baby together so they will be involved for life.

She seems to be doing fine on her own but I'm sure it is not easy for her and what suddenly went left when Duron put this video up on live.

They both stopped the steroid use and you can tell he looks small again from his latest post.



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To watch the shoot out video



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RetroThySoul jA


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