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We wanted to post more of our findings of Neil but then this tragedy happened and we chose to give it a few months before releasing this article and videos. Why we waited, well a lot of you seem to be too sensitive, saying stuff like we are making a blog post on a recent "tragic" event of a dead person trying to make money off them. Mainstream media do this all the time. "Tea" sells fast when the "tea" is right off the fire or brewed.

I thought we here at Manzzle dish out some kind of "tea" despite how awkward or outlandish it may be. We have always posted things that some would call controversial and scandalous. At the time of this event with Neil, both the Manzzle and ManzXVid site saw a huge increase in search of the things we previously posted on Neil. As we thought, people are secretly wanting to see stuff off of some scandal type of event!

To those sensitive folks, FUCK OFF and go read a story suited for Disney.

Again, out of respect we gave these findings some time before publishing this post.


Message from the Manzzle site:


This death shocked us at Manzzle. This man was so laid back, a nice guy, a hottie too with an amazing body. We understand that everyone has their own troubles, and their troubles may seem like nothing to you but to them it may be too much to bare. Neil committing suicide is still a huge puzzle to us so we can only go off by our thoughts and I'm sure many of you too. We really think it was something he may have injected that messed him up and we really find it hard to believe it would be because of what Neil seemed to like sexually.

When you look at and hear Neil Currey, nothing pops into mind that this man likes trans or even likes to bottom. But it so happens he does and we REALLY hope to anyone out there reading this, It's not a crime or "sin" as the book "Bible" make it to be to love or fall in love or have sexual relations with another human being despite what they look like, identify as, if they are married or not. As long as you are not doing intentional harm to someone and all parties are of age & willingly doing "adult" things, then let those people be and mind your own business as it does not involve you. This world would move along easier if we could all just mind our business.


Most of the following comes from "MuscleService"




In tragic news, British Bodybuilder Neil Currey Tragically Passed Away at 34 by suicide. 

Bodybuilder Neil Currey, who competed in the Mr. Olympia Competition last  and placed first in 2022’s New York Pro Competition has passed away. The news was released by his mentor and trainer Milos Sarcev. 



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ALLEGED RUMORS (Manzzle has now debunked this, he liked what he liked)

The following is unconfirmed and unalleged. Rumor and public speculation state Neil was secretly gay and used sexual apps like Grindr to come across anonymous sexual encounters with transsexual women. Those sharing these rumors believed he may have been outed which led him to make the decision. Speculation came from his private life, unreleased public relationships, and positive support of the transgender community.


The Grindr photo:




Manzzle's first showing of Neil's sexual side
Click image for the preview:

 neilcurry fucked by ferraz pre


A preview compilation of the 4 never shown video clips we were given before a few months before his passing.
Click image for the preview:


Neil Currey Manzzle Cover2


The individual video links:


Neil Currey Trio Trans sucking:

Neil Currey Trio Trans suck


Neil Currey in bed Trans fucked:

Neil Currey Bed Trans fucked


Neil Currey Trans sucked:

Neil Currey Trans sucked


Neil Currey Trans sucking:

Neil Currey Trans sucking



Below are just some more pictures of Neil Curry and his body.


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