Update 4:30am August 3, 2017.

It gets MESSY as fuck!

Bobby was gonna get dicked down by the transvestite.

This is the others trans that was there spilling ALL the tea on the situation.



If you haven't been living under a rock these past few days you would have already heard the mess Bobby Valentino is in.

Below is the video that started it all (We did edit it to show you the baby parts):



So as we see this is Bobby running out of a transvestite's apartment.

In the beginning we thought hey, he got catfished and when he saw the dick he ran out the place.

But this turned out to not be the case.

One look at the person he went to go see and you could tell this "woman" looks like a man.


So as days went on we learnt more. According to the transgender it was "her" escort friend that wanted a piece of bobby and chose to extort him on video.

Also according to the "girl" Bobby went to go see said they have "Chilled" 4 times prior to this incident. She also went on to saying that while talking to the actual person who recorded the video, the other trans that wanted a piece of Bobby, that she would be disappointed cause Bobby got a small dick.

NOW, tell us how in hell would she have known this if she hasn't already had sex with Bobby during them 4 prior "hangout" sessions?

Sounds all fishy to us and furthermore Bobby tried it by saying he didn't know she was a he.

BUT, then this shit come out.

From Fameolous,

"Bobby V was set up by the transgender but he knew the girls were men. The second trans who was there says she kicked it with Bobby V many times and says his dick is small. The trans wouldn’t say if they had sex but she didn’t deny it. The trans claim her friend took her phone and got his number and set him up to come over. The trans also said that she told Bobby V that her friend would record him if they have a sexual encounter but he didn’t listen."

Take a listen below.

Skip to 1:57 mark.



Now I must say this, who ever you choose to sleep with it's all on you, love is love right. Gay, straight or in between. It's the way this issue came out that really made this an issue to a celebrity who has just now been outed. There is already a lot of shame on men who change into women but keep their dick and balls. Being black and a celebrity the media will drag this and blow it up. We hope we can all just accept it, not that it is ANY of our business of whomever anyone sleeps with. We have R. Kelly, who can't sing but you still buy his music, who is known for liking underage. So we hope you can just let Bobby Valentino like what he likes.


Here's another youtuber who covered this story nicely: