Muscle Brazilian man Douglas Ferraz makes a new video with Caio.

For some reason the way that Latino men have sex it seems passionate, even thou these two men were hired to fuck on camera. Their connection seems to be real.


Douglas Ferraz Caio 1 


We have previously wrote about Douglas Ferraz and his other scenes.

LINK: Brazilian Muscle Hunk - Douglas Ferraz


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So here is the new scene with Douglas Ferraz and Caio.


Douglas Ferraz Caio 5Douglas Ferraz Caio 4Douglas Ferraz Caio 6

Douglas Ferraz Caio 2

Douglas Ferraz Caio 3


Preview Video:



Another special release, one of the best fucks already launched.

Caio has an open relationship with Douglas and when account for the partner who is talking to such a Masked, Douglas is worried and tries to make him forget the mysterious guy with a hot fuck.

The reason for concern is urban legend involving such Masquerade. They say he appears out of nowhere in the application and invites you to leave. If you accept, it appears from nowhere and gives you a phenomenal sex night. Legend has it that he's gorgeous, virile, giant and friendly.

Some say that people who come to the Masked disappear and their profiles on social networks are deleted. No one can have any contact.